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Chapter 29

  • Amber’s POV
  • When my eyes fluttered open the next morning, I was completed drained. Alex and I had been at all it since yesterday that I couldn’t count the number of times he had buried his seed inside of me. I blamed the mating heat but immediately my wolf started feeling worried smelling the scent of someone else instead of Alex.
  • I quickly turned my head toward the other side of the bed and my eyes widened seeing Marcus on the bed.
  • ‘If tell me that I shared my night with Alex not him.’, I asked with my wolf but her answer broke the only hope of my life.
  • ‘I don’t know, Amber. You might have drunk something or have eaten something before entering the room which forced me to block me from your mind.’, She responded, making me force to think about any such event and immediately I recalled drinking chilled water because I was feeling hot all over body. Did someone mixed something in that water?
  • Damn it!
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