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Chapter 20

  • Alexander’s POV
  • “Stop it.”, I shouted in pain, not able to hide the fact that no matter what she was, she was important to me. “Just let her go, okay! Do whatever you want to do with me.”, I said desperately, knowing that those silver chains would be hurting her like hell.
  • Immediately the size of Amber’s eyes grew wider, I could guess it was because of shock and something else was there as well, fear?
  • “I’m your enemy not her. In fact, she’s one of your kind. So, hurt me but not her.”, I added again to convince that man but that bastard chuckled at my misery.
  • “And there I had heard that you and your father are heartless hunters who give a damn to anyone’s feeling.”, A sinister smile formed on his face before he spoke again. “I tried to kill your father but unfortunately he’s still alive. But no worries, I will make sure to take your life tonight.”
  • I stiffened at his words, realizing he was the person whom we were searching for from the day of my father’s accident.
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