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Chapter 42

  • Monalisa's POV
  • I raised my eyebrows. "Alex is worried about me?"
  • "Yes. He asked me to get you some food from the eatery since aunt would not let you leave the house" Felix explained, showing me the bag in his hand. "But I guess you don't need it anymore because you look fine to me"
  • I quickly snatched the bag away from him. "What do you mean by that? Because I haven't eaten doesn't mean I should look like someone who is mourning. I'm from a middle class family remember? So I'm used to staying hungry"
  • He studied me for a moment probably thinking if he could trust my words. Finally, when he seemed to be satisfied- he let out a deep breath. " Take care of yourself, I will be leaving now "
  • He said standing up but I stopped him. " How can you just leave like that without thinking of a way to help me out of my predicament. I thought we're friends? " I pouted my lip.
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