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Chapter 7 Making a Bet

  • Alexander looked up. “Is there anything else?”
  • “Since you think that a person’s ability can only be proven by their graduation certificate, let’s make a bet.” Courtney smiled while staring at him with a provoking look in her eyes. “Would you accept the challenge?”
  • Gale Langley, who had been made sleepy by the boring interview since a while ago, instantly perked up. Wow! This is the first time I see someone making a bet with Alexander with such an arrogant attitude!
  • “What bet would you like to make with him, babe?”
  • Alexander turned to shoot Gale a look of displeasure.
  • Taking a deep breath, Courtney looked straight into Alexander’s deep eyes and uttered sonorously, “I’ll work for three months in a hotel under Sunhill Enterprise. I guarantee that the hotel will make a monthly profit of more than 30 percent; if I make it, I want Sunhill Enterprise to put me on regular payroll and pay me three times the usual salary. Also, you must…” She paused for a moment. “Apologize! To! Me!” she enunciated.
  • Everyone at the scene was shocked.
  • How dare she make such a boastful bet! She had only contributed to 10 percent of Hotel Milady’s monthly revenue when she worked in Germany for only a year!
  • Alexander closed the file and tossed it aside. Putting his hands on the table, he stood up and bent over slightly. “What if you can’t make it?”
  • Courtney’s smile grew even more dazzling as she didn’t flinch at all. “If I can’t make it, I’ll sell myself to Sunhill Enterprise and be at your disposal for three years. How about that? Do you dare to accept this bet?”
  • “Accept it! Accept it!” Gale urged at one side. “You’d be a coward if you don’t accept the bet, Alex!”
  • Alexander shot Gale a frosty look, and the latter curled his lips.
  • “Go back and wait for the employment letter,” said Alexander in a deep voice before getting up and going off the stage. When he brushed past Courtney, he paused, turned his head, and looked at her, only to see her slightly jutted chin and small, upturned nose.
  • She had a fragrant scent on her, but the scent wasn’t the kind of strong fragrance that belonged to ordinary women.
  • The allure hidden in her bones gave him a thrill.
  • She’s interesting; she’s at least more interesting than those women, he thought to himself.
  • “I’ll accept this bet.”
  • With that, he turned around and strode off.
  • Seeing that Alexander was leaving, Gale hurriedly caught up to him. “Alex, where are we going to eat later?”
  • Before he left, he turned around, winked at Courtney, and said with a grin, “You’re very interesting, babe. I hope that you can win this bet!”
  • Courtney was nonplussed.
  • Nevertheless, she had gotten through this after all. It’s better to have an opportunity than to be driven to despair!
  • It was already noon when Courtney dragged herself home after the interview.
  • “You’re back, Mommy!” Tina, who came out to greet her, gave her a warm hug. “I have finished memorizing the spellings and steaming the rice. I’m just waiting for you to cook some dishes!”
  • “That’s so good of you, sweetheart!” Courtney planted a kiss on the little girl’s cheek.
  • After Courtney washed her hands and cooked the dishes, the mother and daughter had lunch together.
  • Back then, Courtney was dumbfounded for a long time when the doctor told her that she had also given birth to a daughter after she regained consciousness.
  • Since the baby looked adorable with her fair and tender skin, Courtney found herself reluctant to give the baby to the man. Therefore, she went overseas with the baby in a hurry after asking a friend of hers to buy plane tickets for them. She even severed her relations with the Hunters for the sake of this little one.
  • It was hard to raise a child abroad, but Courtney didn’t feel tired as long as she could see Tina’s sweet smile.
  • Moreover, this daughter of hers was unusually clever and fluent in English. Not only that, she started brushing her teeth and putting on her clothes by herself at three years old; when she grew older, she began helping Courtney with the household chores. Courtney never had to worry about her even when she was away from home.