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Chapter 4 Applying for a Job

  • “I don’t like it, but my boy likes it very much,” replied Alexander. Then, he took a box of chocolate of the same brand out of his shopping bag. “I’ve bought many boxes of them for my boy, so I can give you a box.”
  • Whoa!
  • Tina’s eyes brightened at the sight of the box full of chocolate, but she hesitated. “B-But Mommy said I can’t accept others’ gifts casually. Although…” Tina’s black and bright eyes rolled about. Moving close to Alexander on tiptoe, she planted a smacker on his cheek before taking the box of chocolate. “Now I can take it this way!”
  • Alexander was stunned. Surprisingly, his thin lips curved up into a faint smile.
  • The assistant wiped his sweat away. After checking the time, he reminded Alexander, “President Duncan… it’s time to go.”
  • “Okay. Goodbye, little one.” Alexander got up and left with his assistant right away.
  • “Goodbye, mister!” Tina waved her little hand at the cold and aloof figure from behind.
  • Wow, this mister is so handsome and kind!
  • “Tina Hunter!”
  • Tina puckered up her little face upon hearing the angry voice of the woman behind her. Oh, no. I’m done for, she thought to herself.
  • The next second, the woman walked up to Tina, raised her slim hand, and gave Tina a hard spank with an angry expression. “Didn’t I tell you to wait for me in the same place? Why did you run around?”
  • “Ouch! Don’t hit me, Mommy; it hurts!” Tina was actually pretending since it didn’t hurt at all. Putting her hands on her bottom, she explained aggrievedly, “I dropped my chocolate, so I went to pick it up.”
  • Seeing the box of chocolate in her arms, Courtney took it from the little girl. “Where did you get this?”
  • Tina laced her fingers together. “A handsome mister gave this to me because he thought that I was cute.”
  • “He gave it to you? Why didn’t you simply leave with him?” Courtney got even angrier. She raised her hand and was about to give Tina another spank, but the latter cried out and covered her butt quickly.
  • Pulling her old trick, the little girl blinked her watery eyes and stared at Courtney. “I know I was wrong, Mommy. I’ll stand facing the wall for three minutes later.”
  • “Ten minutes!”
  • Tina pretended to weep. “Ten minutes is too long. Don’t you feel sorry for me, Mommy?”
  • “The time will be extended if you bargain again!”
  • Tina didn’t dare to utter a sound anymore. Puckering up her lips, she obediently held Courtney’s hand and left with the latter.
  • Farnville City had undergone so many unbelievable changes when Courtney came back after five years. Rows upon rows of high-rise buildings were everywhere.
  • She got up early the next day. After setting Tina down at home, she hailed a taxi at the gate of her neighborhood right away to go to Sunhill Enterprise downtown.
  • This day was the day of Sunhill Enterprise’s quarterly job interview, so people were hurrying to and fro in front of the revolving glass door.
  • “Hey, stop! Wait a minute!”
  • Seeing that the elevator door was about to close, Courtney ran there in high-heeled shoes. Then, she gritted her teeth and dashed into the elevator before the elevator door closed. “I’m so sorry; I’m here to—aah!”
  • Since she came in too quickly, her high heels broke, causing her to fall over right away.
  • Courtney’s hands seemed to have touched some silky smooth fabric. As she subconsciously caught hold of the fabric, her face pressed against the man’s body, and the overwhelming smell of pheromones made her feel dizzy.