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Chapter 20 Seize the Opportunity, Mommy!

  • After that day, Tina would use the excuse of going out to buy ice cream so that she could secretly meet up with Scott at the cafe; each time, she went back home with a bag full of gifts.
  • Soon enough, Courtney found a lot of unfamiliar toys while cleaning up the clutter at home.
  • “When did you buy this little mermaid bracelet?”
  • Tina was fiddling with her new toys on the bed as she answered with a poker face, “It was a gift that came with the ice cream.”
  • Courtney frowned. “Have there been many events at the ice cream store nearby?”
  • She was suspicious, but she wasn’t worried that Tina would do anything bad; it was just a few toys, so it wasn’t that big of a deal.
  • “By the way, I’ll be taking you to the nearby kindergartens this afternoon; let’s see which one you like. Your godmother wants me to find a school for you before the summer holidays. You can’t always stay at home, right?”
  • If it hadn’t been for the phone conversation with her best friend, Cameron Miller, Courtney would’ve forgotten about Tina’s school arrangements.
  • Tina nodded obediently. “Okay.”
  • Since most of the nearby elementary schools started on Monday, Courtney took Tina to visit several kindergartens nearby. However, the results were quite unsatisfactory.
  • Courtney was most concerned about the schools’ medical facilities—that was because Tina had asthma. Ordinary kindergartens in the country weren’t well equipped in this aspect, and most of the infirmaries didn’t even have a doctor who knew how to do a simple infusion. She was quite worried when only a few of them could answer her simple medical questions.
  • “I want to eat Japanese food, Mommy.”
  • When they came out of the kindergarten, Tina pleaded playfully as she tugged on Courtney’s sleeve and instantly dispelled all her troubles away.
  • “Alright, we shall eat Japanese food today.”
  • Since it was a Monday, there were not many people in the Japanese restaurant.
  • Upon their arrival, the waiter sat them at a secluded seat by the window which overlooked downtown traffic. The mother-daughter duo stared at each other in a daze after they ordered their food.
  • “Mommy, I think that you should probably go to work now.” Tina rested her chin under her palm. She was trying to figure out a plan to get these two people together.
  • “Why? Can’t I rest for two more days?”
  • It’s not every day you get the chance to be paid for not working; we can talk about it when the week is over.
  • “You have to seize the opportunity, Mommy!”
  • “What opportunity?”
  • “Your boss! He’s rich, handsome, and single! I’m pretty sure that many beautiful women in the company are eager to pursue him. If you don’t work hard, how am I going to survive in the future?”
  • “You brat! What are you talking about?” Courtney glared at her and pinched her nose. “Where did you get all these ideas from? You haven’t even met my boss—how do you know he is handsome?”
  • Tina was dodging Courtney’s attacks when she suddenly brightened up and jumped on her chair, waving excitedly at a distance.
  • “Here, Mr. Alexander! Here!”
  • Mr. Alexander?
  • Courtney looked toward the distance suspiciously; the moment she realized who it was, her smile froze at the corners of her mouth.
  • There was a tall silhouette holding a little boy at the entrance of the Japanese restaurant. Both of them had the same handsome face with a cold, unapproachable look. They looked toward the source of sound.
  • Isn’t that Alexander and his temperamental young master?
  • Damn it, I just recovered and came out for a walk; why do I have to bump into him? More importantly, why does Tina know him? What the hell is going on?