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Chapter 17 It Really Is Him

  • “It’s nothing. This is my duty, so you don’t have to be so courteous.”
  • Courtney was flattered by the bags full of presents. When she glanced at the bags’ contents, she even saw some caterpillar fungus that cost at least 10,000!
  • “These are just a token of our gratitude, Miss Hunter. By the way, the Young Master has instructed that you don’t have to work at the hotel for the time being since you’re currently injured. You can get enough rest until you think it’s okay to go to work. Your salary and bonuses will be paid as usual during this period.”
  • Courtney was even more surprised upon hearing this. “I don’t have to go to work?”
  • Which Young Master is capable enough to apply for sick leave on my behalf? Sunhill Hotel has a rule whereby employees cannot be on sick leave for more than a month. Moreover, I haven’t been put on the regular payroll; how can I ask for sick leave as I please?
  • “May I know who your Young Master is?”
  • The butler looked surprised. “Don’t you know who my Young Master is?”
  • Courtney was puzzled by the look of surprise on the butler’s face. Feeling unsettled, she then asked, “Should I know him?”
  • “My Young Master is Sunhill Hotel’s CEO. Don’t you know him?”
  • Courtney frowned upon hearing the butler’s words. Isn’t the CEO of Sunhill Hotel… Alexander himself?
  • “Are you saying that the little boy is Alexander Duncan—ahem, President Duncan’s son?”
  • “That’s right.” The butler smiled. He said politely, “Miss Hunter, you have risked your life to save Little Master, so it is reasonable for President Duncan to grant you sick leave. Feel free to contact me if you need anything.”
  • Courtney was stupefied; she didn’t expect the little boy to be Alexander’s son.
  • He has such a huge family business and is so wealthy, but he has a son who can’t speak? This kind of feeling where one had everything but couldn’t help those dearest to them suddenly aroused her sympathy.
  • While she was secretly feeling sorry for Alexander, Tina had something else on her mind as she sat to one side.
  • Resting her chin in one hand, she measured the pile of high-priced supplements on the table with her eyes. She thought to herself, The company Mommy works at is a huge company, so her boss must be very rich. We’re about to make a fortune this time! What did Mommy say his name was? Alexander Duncan?
  • Courtney stayed at the hospital over the next few days, but Alexander seemed very busy. He did not come to visit her—not even after she had been discharged and went home to recuperate. Courtney didn’t take offense at this, though. She had to bow, scrape, and behave with great caution if he came, which could never feel more uncomfortable than her eating and drinking to her heart’s content while resting alone.
  • Courtney counted the days and realized that she could still be on leave for some time after being discharged. Therefore, she focused on keeping her daughter company at home while enjoying the rare opportunity of being on sick leave. Because of that, she even had a much better impression of the stony-faced Alexander.
  • On this day, Courtney was taking a nap when Tina entered the room, holding an iPad to her bosom. Then, she keyed in the name ‘Alexander Duncan’ on Wikipedia via speech input.
  • Wikipedia immediately showed the introduction of several people. Tina, who didn’t know many words, first marveled at Alexander’s good-looking photo—which she quickly took a liking to—after clicking on his name. Then, she read the introduction on Wikipedia line by line using a reading pen. As she listened to the words, she was left speechless.
  • Whoa! Not only is Mommy’s boss handsome, he is also very capable! He comes from a distinguished family and runs a conglomerate. Isn’t this the wealthy family that I’ve always wanted Mommy to marry into? Hey, wait a minute!
  • As she stared at Alexander’s photo on Wikipedia, her black eyes suddenly froze for a moment.
  • I think I have met this mister somewhere! Where exactly have I seen him?
  • After pieces of information quickly flashed through her mind, Tina immediately opened a website that she often surfed and found the personal information of a single man from the endless array of bachelors saved in the ‘My Favorites’ folder.
  • As she compared the two photos, she found that the single man was really him!
  • The red heart-shaped logo on the top right corner of the website was very eye-catching, and the advertising slogan appeared on the screen again and again as the song ‘Wedding March’ was being played.
  • The slogan read, ‘Welcome to OkCupid Dating Website, where you can choose from thousands of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes!’
  • Mommy’s boss is also anxious to find a spouse!