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Chapter 85 Anger And Fear

  • Did my ears deceive me...?
  • Yvette stuttered in disbelief, “Y-You... what did you just say?”
  • Harvey shoved his hands into his pockets and asserted impatiently, “I said Arielle can have whatever she desires. No one is to get in her way. Now, as for you... Correct me if I'm wrong, but were you speaking ill of her?”
  • Despite Harvey's good looks, his chiseled features twisted into a sharp, distasteful frown. A dangerous aura emitted from him as if he was taunting Yvette for her reckless complaints. In response, Yvette shuddered even more.
  • She panicked. How could this happen...?
  • I came here to tell them that Arielle had mistreated me. So why is Harvey looking at me like I'm the villain in this story?
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