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Chapter 561 Medical Prodigy

  • Queenie was attending a medical conference overseas, but if Vinson sent his helicopter to pick her up, she'd be back in ten hours.
  • He expressed his opinion. “Queenie can be back in ten hours. It's perfectly fine to stabilize the patient's condition. Now that the robotic pacemaker developed by Sann Group is implanted in his chest, he won't be in danger. We can wait until Queenie's back to find an antidote.”
  • The other doctors nodded in agreement.
  • A while ago, Queenie had cured a patient who nearly died after being poisoned by a poison developed by Manchernius, a country famous for its deadly poisons. No one had developed an antidote for it yet, but Queenie managed to develop one.
  • It proved that no one was better than Queenie in neutralizing poisons.
  • Everyone reached a consensus. Before Zachary could leave to ask Vinson to give Queenie a ride back to the country, Arielle stopped him.
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