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Chapter 52 Cheating Partners

  • As expected by Arielle, when the car pulled up at the manor, Cindy did not follow them into the house. Instead, she beckoned for Alfred. “Something has cropped up at the office, but Rick's too drunk, so I'll go on his behalf. Take good care of him for me.”
  • “Yes, Mrs. Southall,” Alfred replied before helping Henrick into the house.
  • Seeing Cindy hurriedly make her way down the hill only made Arielle more suspicious than ever. Without hesitation, she pretended to have received a call and answered her phone. “What? Do I have to get the schedule now? Fine, I don't have a choice, do I? I'll make my way to Nightshire Group now.”
  • Arielle then pretended to frown in annoyance and turned toward Alfred. “I have to make a trip to Nightshire Group now. I'll be home later.”
  • “It's late, Ms. Arielle. Why don't you take one of the family cars?”
  • Arielle rejected the offer with a wave of her hand. “It's all right. The company's sending a car over, and I can't turn them down.”
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