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Chapter 47 Audition

  • In the end, Vinson walked Arielle and Henrick to the main door.
  • Meanwhile, Jadeborough's Midnight Theater was bustling with activity.
  • It was one of the largest theaters in Jadeborough, thanks to Nightshire Group's investment. Therefore, it was only fitting that Shandie would be auditioning for one of Nightshire Group's movie projects at the Midnight Theater.
  • The audition was for a sci-fi disaster movie, Monsters in Jadeborough. It told of how the female lead, a police officer, bravely protected a building full of people from an alien invasion and led them to safety.
  • Movies of that genre were a rarity in the country, and with an excellent story and production crew, Shandie knew it would do well at the box office.
  • That was why she was determined to get the female lead role.
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