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Chapter 41 Feign Ignorance

  • Arielle, who was sitting at the desk and “reading her book” attentively, raised her head in confusion. Her gaze coincidentally met that of Henrick's.
  • She saw a flustered look in his eyes. He quickly concealed it, but Arielle still noticed it clearly.
  • She asked calmly, “Why are you back, Dad?”
  • When Henrick saw Arielle reading her book attentively at the desk, he became relieved.
  • Clearing his throat, he said, “I suddenly remembered that I still have unfinished work. It's getting late, so you should go back and rest first. You should come back another day.”
  • Arielle did not want him to notice anything amiss. After all, she already discovered that the locked drawer contained something that would make Henrick panic. That was already an achievement.
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