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Chapter 15 Send a Drunk Man Home

  • “Here’s what happened—I was supposed to send Director Hart back to his apartment, but the hospital called me just now and told me that my girlfriend was involved in an accident and she’s now admitted into the hospital. I can’t find anyone else to take my place, but I saw you were here when I entered Zion Club just now. Can you please do me a favor and send Director Hart home? He’s now drunk, so he can’t drive and I don’t feel safe handing him to anyone else.”
  • Myra was speechless when she heard this. She took a deep breath and touched her forehead with a conflicted expression. “But—”
  • “Please, Miss Stark! My girlfriend is in a really serious condition at the hospital so I would like to head over quickly. Can you please help me out? I’m really worried about my girlfriend right now!”
  • Well, I don’t know how serious his girlfriend’s injuries are, and I can’t just reject his request under such conditions. On top of that, I don’t want to leave a bad impression on Leo that might affect the Sunny Bay Project.
  • After a pause, Myra finally replied, “Alright. Where are you?”
  • “We’re at region A of the parking lot. The lot number is XXX and the car plate is XXXXX.”
  • With that, Leo hung up immediately.
  • He was worried that he would reveal the truth if he elaborated any further.
  • Myra glanced at her phone before she heaved a sigh. Then, she started walking to the spot where Leo mentioned just now.
  • As soon as she reached there, she saw him pacing anxiously in front of a silver grey Bentley Mulsanne with a phone in his hand.
  • As soon as he saw her, he quickly heaved a sigh of relief as he walked to her. “Miss Stark, I really appreciate this. In the future, if you ever need my help, I will definitely do my best to help you! The car keys are already in the car and Director Hart’s address is XXXXX. Miss Stark, Director Hart has drunk quite a lot. After you send him back, can you please make some broth so that he can sober up? Appreciate it; thanks!”
  • With that, he ran out of the parking lot without waiting for Myra’s reply.
  • She merely looked at Leo’s leaving figure speechlessly, feeling that something was off since he looked like he was trying to escape from something. She then turned around to look at the person sitting in the backseat of the Bentley Mulsanne.
  • Tony’s well-built figure was quite noticeable at first glance. At this moment, he leaned on the leather seat with his right palm resting on his forehead. As his head was lowered, she could not see his facial features but a vein on his hand was bulging slightly, clearly showing that he was not feeling well. When Myra walked closer to him, she could detect a strong alcohol smell from the open window.
  • She frowned and thought, How much did he drink?
  • However, she merely shook her head in defeat and gathered her thoughts before she got into the car.
  • She wound up the windows slightly so that the cold air would not blow on the man in the backseat, at the same time ensuring the car was not too stuffy. Before she started the engine, she felt obligated to report to him. “Director Hart, Leo has already left so I’ll send you home instead. If you have any discomfort along the way, just let me know.”
  • The man did not reply to her. Knowing that he was quite drunk, Myra went ahead and started the engine, driving the car out of the basement parking lot.
  • At the entrance of Zion Club, Sean had just left his group of old friends in the loud and noisy private room. Truth was, he did not like the atmosphere there. However, he didn’t know when it started, but he needed that atmosphere to numb himself.
  • When he just reached the entrance, he saw a silver grey Bentley Mulsanne driving past him, but it was not the car that caught his attention—it was the driver instead.
  • If I remember correctly, the Stark Family, including Myra, has never owned a Bentley Mulsanne. So, whose car is Myra driving?
  • He narrowed his eyes and looked at the backseat.
  • As the window was rolled up, he could not tell the person inside the car. However, he could see an outline of the person.
  • It’s a man!
  • Sean clenched his fists that were next to his body tightly. He immediately called Myra but after two rings, the other end hung up. His face darkened instantly but before he could call her back, he received another call from Elsie. With a complicated expression on his face, he picked it up.
  • Myra knew that she was still having a fever, so she did not dare to drive too quickly. On top of that, she would have to pay full attention when she drove.
  • After driving for so long, this was the first time she drove a man whom she barely knew, and one whom she would have to tread carefully with.
  • She shot a glance at the man through the rear view mirror.
  • At this moment, Tony had already changed his position. He leaned on the seat but as he was probably still feeling quite bad, he covered his eyes with his right elbow and his thin lips were pressed into a tight line.
  • Myra felt her body temperature increasing but she did not dare to let her focus slip.