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Chapter 415 A True Man Doesn’t Play Dirty

  • It was the next day. Chimes of the windbell hanging from the ceiling could be heard as rays of sunlight shone into the room. As the wind gently blew, strands of Heather’s hair danced in the wind. She even looked gorgeous when she was asleep. Lowering his head to take a look at his watch, Matthias began to contemplate whether he had overdosed her with drugs seeing that she hadn’t woken up yet.
  • He donned a neat suit that didn’t have a trace of wrinkle on it. He was gazing deeply at the woman who was still unconscious. Heather never thought that he would drug her yesterday, and Matthias only won because he had the element of surprise.
  • As if on cue, she started to move. It was evident that she was suffering from a bad migraine as she woke up. Obviously, the drug had a strong effect. Rubbing her temples, she felt like her body had been hit by a truck.
  • Waking up feeling extremely groggy, the first thing she saw was Matthias’ unwavering gaze at herself. Out of instinct, she calmly took a look at her clothes. Watching her action, he couldn’t help but put on a coy smile.
  • “Don’t worry, I’m not sexually attracted to you,” he casually commented. As a girl, it was normal for her to be more alert about being sexually assaulted anyway.
  • Trying hard to suppress the anger within, she glared at him with all the energy she could muster. There was definitely hatred in her eyes.
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