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Chapter 10 Different Treatment

  • “You are the leader of Team A and I am the leader of Team B, so both of us share the same position in the company! Myra, your behavior has disrespected the company’s management. Maybe you have inked a secret deal with the Hart Group and you are afraid that I will find out, so you ditched me!”
  • Upon seeing more colleagues coming over to watch the commotion, a hint of jealousy and hatred flashed across Elsie’s eyes. “Oh, I understand it now. I have been wondering why the Hart Group has easily agreed to hand us the project. Could it be that there is something going on between and Mr. Logan from the Hart Group’s Project Department and you...” she uttered tentatively. When she saw the traces of disdain in their colleagues’ gazes toward Myra, a smug look appeared on her face. “Myra, Mr. Logan is as old as your father. He is a senior and ugly, yet you are willing to sacrifice for the company. Wouldn’t it have been a huge loss for you if our company was not selected? I remembered that you like Director Chase, right? Even if you have failed to attract his attention, there is no need for you to downgrade your choice of men—aaaah!”
  • “Have you said enough?!” Myra was holding a coffee mug in her hand, so she coldly watched as the woman before her jumped after being splashed with hot coffee. A disgusting feeling surged inside Myra. The woman in front of me is what Sean likes—a stupid hypocrite with a sharp tongue. Sean would rather look for her than to look for me. I wonder how much he actually hates me for him to hurt my pride to that extent!
  • “Aaaah! Myra, y-you... B*tch!”
  • Elsie was wearing a Chanel outfit, which was recently given to her by Sean. The whole set was actually worth her one-year salary. As she looked at the brown coffee dripping from her collar to the hem of her outfit while forming ugly stains, she nearly went insane!
  • “Stop spewing nonsense.” Myra’s free hand tightly squeezed into a fist that was by her side as she endured the dizzy spell. “I was equally shocked when the blueprint was chosen. I was discussing the draft with Director Hart during dinner last night. Maybe you would like to demonstrate how to attract his attention? You said that you are the leader of Team B, but have you ever produced any proper designs? If you don’t have the capability to design, do something that is within your capabilities! Nobody will stand in your way.”
  • It had been known to all that Elsie was appointed as the leader of Team B by relying on Director Chase. Therefore, Myra’s words—if you don’t have the capability to design, do something that is within your capabilities—was akin to giving Elsie a slap, which caused the latter’s expression to instantly fall. “You... Myra... you...”
  • “Why is everyone standing around here? Don’t you guys have any work to do?” The sudden low, harsh voice broke the atmosphere—it was Sean, who had arrived at the Design Department without anyone’s notice.
  • With his tall build and stern expression, he radiated an air of authority. His appearance itself had caused the crowd to disperse and return to their respective work space, leaving only Myra and Elsie.
  • Upon seeing Sean, tears of aggrievement instantly swam in Elsie’s eyes. She then ran to him and pulled his hand.
  • “Sea—Director Chase, you must stand up for me. I only asked Myra about the incident last night when she went to the Hart Group to discuss the Sunny Bay Project and why she didn’t inform me about it. Not only did she scold me for not having the necessary skills and capabilities to be worthy of becoming the leader of Team B, she even poured coffee on me. This is the outfit that you bought for me and it is my favorite one...”
  • She looked pitiful when she bit on her lip because it was coupled with her slightly reddened eyes and embarrassing stains on her outfit.
  • Myra touched her forehead and it felt even hotter than earlier.
  • Without waiting for Sean’s reply, since it was impossible for him to stand on her side, she sat down, retrieved her draft, and continued with her calculations.
  • “I’ll go with you after work to buy another outfit.” His deep yet deliberately gentle voice was clearly heard from above her.
  • When Myra, who was working on her draft, heard his words, the pen which she held in her hand stopped moving as her eyes suddenly became warm. It turns out that even though I have long known the outcome, it still breaks my heart when I hear him consoling Elsie.
  • Elsie was initially unwilling to let it slide, but when Sean consoled her again with his low voice and coaxed her, she finally left.
  • After she left, he walked up to Myra and tapped on her desk a few times. “Mom has asked us to return together tonight. Don’t leave without me after work later.” Hints of impatience replaced the gentleness in his tone earlier.
  • “I have some things to do tonight.” She rejected him without a second thought.
  • “What things?” Sean frowned.