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Chapter 2 Hospital Fighter - Coming To Terms

  • Kilometers and days away from Sergei's garage, I was on my way to another hospital and this time, with intent to raid and hopefully, interrogate a top official to get SOME answers about what's tearing apart our healthcare system. My sawn-off shotgun was well hidden under my leather jacket, bandolier well disguised to evade police checks. Obviously, my escape produced more vigilant and at times, regular police patrols and check-ups.
  • DPS GAI (Road patrol units of the police) now carried AKMSUs (compact carbine version of the AKM rifle in 7.62mm; issued to armored vehicle crews and elite units as well) and looked for excuses to pull a guy to the side for an interview. For now, I was not stopped nor questioned by any authorities as I kept to crowds composed of mostly gypsies and traders from Eastern parts of the country, carrying their wares to sell on the local bazaar.
  • A long bus ride later, I was face to gate with another hospital; this one was further away from the city and was surrounded by derelict factories that had to close due to theft and corruption of higher management. There was also a children's home where mostly underage parents left their unwanted/accidental kids after a night of drinking and partying; the new school and college traditions that have rapidly gained traction. Daytime entry is a moot point since things would be normal then so I had to camp out till night time. Camp in one of the derelict factories that were, at this point, populated by squatters; maybe I can listen in on the word on the street here.
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