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Chapter 8 Enmity

  • Finally, the room is left with just the two, Yaxin and Mu Haoyu!
  • After Yiqiu left, Yaxin’s heart was sunk with nerves but she tried her best to appear composed. Mu sat solemnly on his leather swivel chair. His suit was a midnight black, unbuttoned and his rippling muscles suggested rude health. Handsome was an understatement, he was bewitching and breath-taking.
  • It was unthinkable that the two met in this manner after two years.
  • Mu read Yaxin’s personal file with care, and paused at her name and picture.
  • “Xia Yaxin? From London?” Mu raised his eyes and looked intently at her.
  • “Yes sir.” Yaxin replied with confidence. However, her heart was pounding and her brain in an overload. Fear and regret were building like a snowball in her stomach, why didn’t she get a proper background check on Yun Rui before committing!? She hand-picked the devil!
  • “The CV is not too bad,” Mu commented, unimpressed.
  • Not too bad? What in the world you see inside is ‘NOT TOO BAD’ ?!
  • Yaxin was ticked off, “My practical capabilities are more pivotal.”
  • Mu’s eyebrow rose in attentiveness and he hid a flash of amusement in his eyes, “Well it seems that Miss Xia has outstanding abilities.”
  • “If that isn’t the case, I believe Yun Rui will not have hired me.”
  • Speaking to Mu after two years felt completely disparate. One would not be able to guess his thought or observe any hint of emotions at all.
  • Mu continued to fix his eyes on her with keen interests. It was a first for him to encounter a woman so uncommon. No predictable flattering and lauding, she did not make any attempt to impress and nor has she appeared to be an egoistic person. However, her behaviour was definitely off as well.
  • “True, it is important to be capable at work. But I think having a commendable character is more crucial.”
  • Yaxin’s furrowed her brows faintly.
  • “Mr. Mu, are you suggesting that I was actually eavesdropping just now?”
  • Mu did not answer. He reclined lazily and met with her serious gaze. His answer was obvious.
  • “Mr. Mu, let me make things clear. I came up to report duty to you, the rest was mere coincidence.” Yaxin spoke with firmness, and she put on her dutiful smile.
  • “You could’ve knocked.” Mu responded antagonistically.
  • “I decided not to. I reckoned getting interrupted when you were ‘busy’ will not be a pleasant experience for both of us, so I chose to take off immediately. It was bad timing that the door opened before I could leave. Mr. Mu, do you think I should take this blame?” Yaxin confronted.
  • After two years, not only his salacious habit remained unchanged, he had become more discourteous.
  • Mu caught a hint of offense in her words.
  • “Are you disrespecting me?” He asked, biting word by word.
  • “Respect is earned sir, not given.” Yaxin replied indifferently.
  • “And now are you lecturing me?!”
  • “I dared not. I am merely stating a fact.”