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Chapter 607

  • Mu Haoyu turned around slowly and looked at Belle. His eyes squinted slightly, “If you want to be greedy, you must at least make sure you can swallow it!”
  • Belle looked at Mu Haoyu. The woman had been spending quite some years in the society and she had met all kinds of people. Her intuition told her that the man in front of her was ten times more frightening than Xia ChengXuan. Even a hundred times.
  • In the end, Belle compromised.
  • She had wanted to marry into the Xia family and she wouldn’t have to worry about life anymore. She didn’t even need to work for money and she could take care of her brother easily. But she didn’t expect that something like that will happen.
  • At that time, Mu Haoyu looked at her and said, “It is fine if you want five million, but I have one condition!”
  • “What is it?” Belle asked.
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