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Chapter 724 Truth

  • “Yaxin, I know your brother was at fault. But he is my son, your brother! He had loved you since you are a little girl. Yaxin, can you please save him…” Xu Weiyin looked at Xia Yaxin and begged.
  • Xia Yaxin had a pained expression and didn’t know what to do.
  • If she were to interfere, it would definitely harm the relationship between her and Mu Haoyu. The man didn’t even go home and it was obvious that he didn’t want her to get involved. But if she didn’t interfere…
  • When Xu Weiyin saw Xia Yaxin hesitating, she got down the bed hurriedly and knelt on the floor, “Yaxin, mum begs you. Please save ChengXuan!”
  • “Mum!! Don’t do this!” Xia Yaxin hurriedly knelt down as well, wanted to help her mother up.
  • “NO! If you don’t promise me, I will not get back up! I only have one son, I cannot lose him!”
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