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Chapter 704 Solution

  • “How was it? Is everything okay?” Mu Haoyu asked.
  • Xia Yaxin shook her head.
  • At that time, director Wu came out after them. The moment he saw Mu Haoyu, he was surprised. After that he hurriedly approached him with a smile, “President Mu, what a surprise to see you here!” After saying that, he wanted to initiate a hand shake.
  • Mu Haoyu stood in front of him. The man had an authoritative posture and expressionless face. His gaze was sharp and cold and he showed no intention to raise his hand for a handshake.
  • Director Wu lowered his hand awkwardly. He knew that Mu Haoyu always acted that way and he didn’t say anything.
  • If it weren’t for the sake of his influence, director Wu wouldn’t even bother to greet him.
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