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Chapter 686 Leaving

  • The next day.
  • In a coffee house.
  • Rong Jin sat face-to-face with Xia Tian. Although the two men were about the same age, they were vastly different in their temperament.
  • Rong Jin emerged from a mobster background and he carried a pressuring presence. Xia Tian was a self-made man that started from nothing. Although he wasn’t carrying a strong aura like Rong Jin, he was calm and composed.
  • “May I know what is Mr. Xia’s business for inviting me?” Rong Jin asked while he lifted his cup of tea to have a sip.
  • “I wish to give you my thanks, Mr. Rong! If it wasn’t for you, Yaxin might get into serious trouble!” Xia Tian said.
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