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Chapter 651 Assholes

  • “Actually, today I…” Tuan Tuan was stammering.
  • Xia Yaxin knew that she wouldn’t have acted that way if nothing happened.
  • “You what?”
  • “I saw Mu Haoyu with another woman and they looked intimate with each other…” Tuan Tuan said. As she was finishing her sentence, her voice turned softer and softer.
  • Xia Yaxin was stunned for a while. After that, she simply showed no care.
  • When Tuan Tuan saw that Xia Yaxin didn’t have much of a reaction, she was worried, “I wanted to go after them. But after I got down the car, I didn’t see them anymore. I think there is a possibility that I might be mistaken!” Although she said that, Tuan Tuan knew that she didn’t make a mistake.
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