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Chapter 599 Identity 2

  • Xia Yaxin smiled, “All right, let’s work. Now that she resigned, our work load just increased!”
  • “I am more than happy to do that!” After saying that, Coco went back to work happily.
  • When Xia Yaxin saw Coco’s elated expression, she smiled and concentrated back to work.
  • Undeniably, she was happy as well.
  • At the very least, she didn’t have to entertain all sorts of mocking and taunting every day. She could be more restful at work.
  • For the following hours, she had been focusing in work. Yun Rui would be collaborating with another company in US, and that important responsibility fell on her shoulder. Xia Yaxin must make sure that she properly foul-proof the project plans.
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