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Chapter 503 Confrontation 2

  • Xia Yaxin looked at her and said, “He said, if I die and come back a ghost, I should look for you to avenge myself, not him…”
  • When Han Yiqiu heard that, her eyebrows knitted closely together.
  • She almost erupted and couldn’t control her emotion.
  • “Miss Xia, what are you trying to say? Are you accusing me that I was the one that incited He Jingsheng to do that?!” Han Yiqiu stared at her and asked. The woman’s tone was cold. Now that the man was already dead, she had no evidence and Han Yiqiu need not be scared!
  • “I think Miss Han knows the answer to that!” Xia Yaxin said smilingly.
  • “Miss Xia, you would need evidence to say that! Do you know I can sue you for defamation!?” Han Yiqiu said tauntingly. She lifted her coffee and sipped on it slowly.
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