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Chapter 445 Occupy 2

  • After she took a few steps, she had a strong feeling that someone was following behind her again. She turned her head back but there was still no one to be seen.
  • She stood there and she had a bad feeling. Therefore, she increased her pace. However, the faster she walked, the louder the sound behind her.
  • At that time, she hurriedly took up her phone and called a number, “Haoyu, hurry and save me…” But the only reply she got was: sorry, the number you dialed is unavailable…
  • Han Yiqiu was stunned and she increased her pace.
  • She took her phone and didn’t know who to call. All of a sudden, she saw a person from her contact list and she dialed the number.
  • The other person seemed to be drinking in a bar. The moment he saw the number, he was stunned and he went outside to pick it up.
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