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Chapter 4 Unbothered

  • “Oh right. Yaxin, you returning… Aren’t you afraid to bump into Mu Haoyu?!” Tuan Tuan suddenly blurted out during dinner.
  • This abrupt question dimmed the atmosphere. And Yaxin was caught off guard, but she continued to savour her food without care.
  • “So what if that happens? We are divorced!” Yaxin said slowly.
  • They now should cross paths as strangers.
  • “Umm… What you say isn’t wrong, but are you truly not worried?!”
  • Yaxin contemplated, and then spoke consequentially to Tuan Tuan, “I would be lying if I say it didn’t cross my mind. However, it’s been 3 years! I believe he has no recollection whatsoever.”
  • Moreover, it was merely a sham marriage. Without sentiment nor interactivity. It was impossible for him to remember.
  • In addition, with Mu’s “exceptional” personality, he would only bother himself with attractive ladies… Casting her mind back to how she used to look, she undoubtedly believed that she had him completely horrified, like how the clown did to the kids in the movie IT.
  • “Well,” Tuan twisted and twiddled the legs and claw from the spicy crab, greedily sucking on them, “3 years ago, you… no problem! However now…” Tuan Tuan squinted her eyes cheekily.
  • “If he had known your true appearance, I dare say he wouldn’t allow the divorce!”
  • “HA! What done is done!”
  • That’s right, the ship has sailed!
  • “Speaking of which,” Tuan asked curiously, while continuing to feast greedily on the mouth-watering gourmet, “Yaxin, your actions were bizarre. You were willing to go through such length to change your appearance for an entire year! What more, Mu was one of the most eminent, the top dog in Y City! I can only imagine how many women dreamt of being with him. Yet you crazily went through every hassle to get rid of him!”
  • “Ha! Because I was a clever girl! I’ll take crazy over stupid any day.” Yaxin responded proudly like a peacock.
  • To begin with, the two of them entered a sham marriage for the sake of commercial interests. And what more, Mu was such an indecent and salacious man. Whenever he desired a woman, he will go through any means necessary to acquire her. Therefore, Yaxin was determined to not be a victim of his lust.
  • Tuan Tuan nodded in complete agreement. Mu’s scandalous habit was undisputed, even a common knowledge.
  • All of a sudden, Tuan Tuan stiffened up, she even stopped slurping off the spicy sauce on her fingers. With a serious look she asked, “Hey Yaxin… If Mu found out that you deliberately deceived him 3 years ago… What’s gonna happen?”
  • Yaxin was stupefied. She burdensomely muttered, “I guess… I’m gonna die a dog’s death.”
  • Tuan Tuan flared her nose and gave her a forced laughter.
  • “By the way, you did not return to the Xia Group, is it because of him too?”
  • “No,” Yaxin shook her head, “There are many complications. The timing isn’t right yet.”
  • Tuan Tuan just nodded dutifully and stopped prying.
  • The two had a good heart to heart chat, trying to catch up with each other for all the past years.
  • After the dinner, they went home respectively.
  • Yaxin took a shower and gave her tutor in London a call. After talking, she put her phone to charge and went to sleep.