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Chapter 398 Confession 2

  • Xia Yaxin was still holding the bouquet of flowers and the two of them were a striking view in the restaurant. Almost everyone in the restaurant looked at them curiously.
  • Mu Haoyu didn’t care at all and he dragged Xia Yaxin out of the place.
  • “Mu Haoyu, slow down, where are you bringing me!?” Xia Yaxin said in frustration. She had no idea what he was trying to do.
  • “A place where we can talk!” Mu Haoyu answered without turning his head. He dragged Xia Yaxin all the way to the exit and then to his car. He opened his car and Xia Yaxin struggled. She didn’t want to get inside and she stared at him, waiting for an explanation. However, Mu Haoyu simply shoved her inside.
  • Even if Xia Yaxin wanted to protest, she had no way to do it.
  • On the other hand, the woman was also curious about what Mu Haoyu wanted to do with her by creating such a ruckus!
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