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Chapter 336 Collision 3

  • Xia Yaxin leaned on the other side of the car window. The woman was tied up and her mouth was taped. Her eyes were shut.
  • “Xia Yaxin!” Mu Haoyu called out to her and his expression was all worried and anxious, “Xia Yaxin, Xia Yaxin…” He kept repeating her name.
  • The man’s heart was screaming: please be safe, please be safe!!
  • He tapped on her face gently. After a while, Xia Yaxin finally showed some response as she slowly opened her eyes. The moment she saw Mu Haoyu, her eyes welled up in tears.
  • When Mu Haoyu saw her opening her eyes, he tore off the duct tape on her mouth immediately. After examining her, he found out that aside from her forehead, she had no other injuries on her body. Mu Haoyu finally rested his heart and he looked at the woman, “How do you feel, are you hurt anywhere else?” Mu Haoyu asked nervously.
  • “I am fine!” Xia Yaxin shook her head and tried her best to suppress her fear.
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