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Chapter 335 Collision 2

  • When Mu Haoyu was chasing after them, he caught a glimpse of Xia Yaxin looking back. His heart was elated. Now that he saw Xia Yaxin was unharmed, his high-strung heart finally rested. The man stepped on his gas and continued to tail the black car.
  • Mu Haoyu kept honking behind them.
  • As He Jingsheng drove faster and faster, Mu Haoyu increased his speed too.
  • However, how could a normal convertible match the speed of a sports car. After a short moment, the two cars were already front to back.
  • They were driving on a single lane and He Jingsheng didn’t want to let him pass. Mu Haoyu had no way to overtake him. Moreover, He Jingsheng had drove to a remote area. On one side, it was the mountain and the other side a cliff. If they were to be careless, they might crash down the cliff with that speed.
  • Mu Haoyu stared at the car in front and kept honking, trying to make He Jingsheng stop. When he saw that He Jingsheng accelerated, he knew his intention.
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