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Chapter 306 Repay 3

  • “You still dare to give such excuses!?” Xia Yaxin asked back.
  • “Because that is the truth! Xia Yaxin, be more pragmatic. Even if it was Song Jing, he would be making the same call like me!” Mu Haoyu stared at her and enunciated confidently.
  • It was undeniable that Mu Haoyu was being realistic.
  • “Not only that, a woman’s appearance would be the first thing that catches a man’s attention. However, that doesn’t mean men will only like beautiful women. A good for display can only remain its display purposes. It was the woman’s temperament that made a man decide if he should spend his time with her!” When Mu Haoyu said that, he was staring blatantly at Xia Yaxin. It sounded as if he was referring to her.
  • Xia Yaxin sat down and raised her eyes. When she noticed the spark in his eyes, she was taken aback. After that she quickly averted her eyes and said, “Haha, what a pity…”
  • When Mu Haoyu saw Xia Yaxin’s response, he frowned, “What is the pity for?”
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