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Chapter 276 Paparazzi 3

  • “But I’m still chatting with Yaxin!” The old woman was just as stubborn. She wouldn’t listen to them to take her medication or go to sleep.
  • At that time, Xia Yaxin stared at the grandma Mu and said, “Grandma, I’ll come over some other time to accompany you. If you were to sleep late or skip your medication, then I will be sinning! I wouldn’t dare to visit you again!” Xia Yaxin said.
  • When the old woman heard Xia Yaxin, she looked towards her, “Even you started to threaten me!”
  • Xia Yaxin chuckled, “It’s not that. We are all worried about your health. Shouldn’t you make us more restful!?” Xia Yaxin stared at her and asked back.
  • “Yeah right, I am old now, I couldn’t win against an argument with you!” Grandma Mu said that and took the medicine from madam Mu’s hand. Then she gulped it down with a pained face.
  • Xia Yaxin and Mu Haoyu watched the woman from the side and they couldn’t help but giggled.
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