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Chapter 230 Clue 4

  • “He Jingsheng, you better come to your senses. You are committing a grave crime right now. Even if you’re not afraid of the verdict, are you not afraid of your wife?” Xia Yaxin stared at The Jingsheng and enunciated.
  • The moment she mentioned his wife, He Jingsheng’s expression changed.
  • Everyone knew he was afraid of his wife but no one dared to mention it.
  • But Xia Yaxin was different. She wasn’t afraid to challenge him. He Jingsheng’s expression changed instantly.
  • “What did you say!?”
  • “Isn’t it true? He Jingsheng, you’re so afraid of your wife and yet you fooled around with other women outside. What a man!” Xia Yaxin’s derided him.
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