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Chapter 124 Negotiate 3

  • Once Xia Yaxin heard that, she raised her eyes, “Mu Haoyu, didn’t you promised that when we divorce, you wouldn’t be doing anything to the Xia group?!” Xia Yaxin stared at him.
  • “You dare to mention the divorce?!” Mu Haoyu replied.
  • The moment he recalled how she had deceived him, he had an urge to punish her. Yet she dared to mention it now.
  • “Why not? That was our promised then! Xia Yaxin asked back. She paused a little and recalled something, “Mu Haoyu, didn’t you wanted to divorce me desperately? Now that we are divorced, you should be happy. Now that you are so furious, did you fell in love with me or something? And your humiliation turned into anger?” Xia Yaxin raised her eyebrows and asked Mu Haoyu.
  • Fell in love with her?
  • Once Mu Haoyu heard that, he was stunned for a split second and after that he sneered, “Xia Yaxin, sometimes I wonder where does your confidence come from, that you dare to say like that!”
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