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Chapter 10 Confrontation

  • “Why do you feel so familiar… Do I know you?”
  • The simple question dumbfounded Yaxin and left her at loss of word. Mu looked as if he might catch on something soon and that threw her into a swivet.
  • “Mr. Mu must be mistaken. I just got back recently (from London), how could we cross path before?” Yaxin forced a most unsuspecting smile.
  • “Mr. Mu, I have a lot of pending works, so I’ll make a move first.” Yaxin bypassed his arms and hurried out the door, not waiting for his response. And once she was out she raced across the hallway and disappeared by the corner.
  • Mu however, still had his arms on the wall. A little caught off guard but he was grinning from ear to ear. He was greatly amused, like a hunter who found game.
  • How interesting, a woman like that!
  • Yaxin stopped in an empty hallway. She put her palm on her chest and took deep breaths, trying to soothe her frenzied heartbeat. She uncontrollably casted her mind on the earlier encounter with Mu. His actions, his words and his demeanour…
  • Was he really unaware?
  • Or did he intentionally act that way?
  • Yaxin was worried sick. It was unfathomable to run into him during her second day back to hometown. To make things worse, she now joined his company!
  • “If Mu knew that you deliberately deceived him, what do you think he will do?”
  • Tuan Tuan’s question began to resound in her mind.
  • Well, it’s likely I will die a dog’s death!
  • At that very moment she did not feel an ounce of severity in the matter. However, things may be unpredictable from now onwards…
  • Urgh! Why in the world is this happening to me? The “L” in my luck must’ve changed to an “F”!
  • Yaxin pulled her last lifeline hoping that Mu did not recognize her. It was highly probable and definitely the most logical outcome. Would he have stopped at such mild teasing otherwise? It wouldn’t take Holmes to guess how much further he would have done to exact vengeance.
  • On second thought, regardless whether he found out or not, she must not stay in this company. As soon as he takes action or gradually learnt of the truth, staying here could only invite trouble.
  • Furthermore, Yaxin was certain that the president will fire her because of the conflict earlier on.
  • Well, instead of being discredited, I might as well resign myself!
  • Yaxin made up her mind and decided to prepare her resignation letter.
  • What a bummer! Resigning during the first day at work!
  • However, it’s better to be safe than sorry. To avoid risking unnecessarily, she must leave.
  • Yaxin exhaled in relief and headed back towards her department. It was then her phone rang. Tuan Tuan called.
  • “Hello,”
  • “Hi darling, how’s work?” Tuan Tuan asked.
  • “Take a guess!”
  • “Must’ve been awesome!”
  • Yaxin calmed herself with a deep breath, and with a weighty tone she said, “Tuan Tuan, do you know who turned out to be my boss?”
  • “Nope, who?”
  • “Mu Haoyu!” The name sucked out the very last breath from her chest, her voice was soft and shaking mildly. This conversation was like a choked cry for help that forced itself up her throat, she just want to curl up into a ball and wait for her friend, or just anyone at all to save her.
  • Her history with Mu must be an immutable secret!
  • “WHAT!?” Tuan Tuan shockingly squealed, “Are you sure?!”
  • “Yes. Because just a moment ago, we’ve already met!”