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Chapter 3 Ethan Smith

  • Ethan Smith POV
  • Seeing her tremble in fear, gives me pleasure. She's the one responsible for the pains I have been through all my life, she made me the villain and the bad guy, causing me to kill the only girl that I fell in love with.., with my bear hands.
  • Why did I kill the love of my life? That was because she didn't love me back, she fell in love with Daniel who isn't as handsome as me or successful like me.
  • So yeah, I killed both the love of my life and also the man she fell in love with. I killed both of them, and then I got arrested. I was sentenced to a life imprisonment but I escaped because I needed to get my revenge. I needed to get my revenge on the lady solely responsible for my misfortune.
  • You might wonder how I was able to connect the dot between my misfortune and this lady. It's simple, I read the book that I was featured in.... At first I found it weird that the villain in the book had the same name as mine, and not only that... he actually lived the exact same life as mine.
  • At first I thought I was mad, I thought I had finally gone crazy but I know my crazy thinking is indeed true. She recognizes me, she knows me.
  • "No, no.. there's no way this is possible. You are a character in my book, how is it possible that you are alive. I think I need some sleep, no, no... I actually need to wake up from this nightmare." She shakes her head repeatedly in disbelief, hoping she would wake up.
  • "This is not a dream Janice. I also wish it was and that you didn't sentence me to a life imprisonment, but guess what dear writer? This is not a dream." I smirked.
  • The look of horror in her face gave me pure joy and satisfaction beyond my expectation. I love to see her tremble.
  • "Anyway, do you have food?"
  • She blinks her eyes repeatedly, confused by my question. "Food?"
  • "Yes food. I escaped from prison yesterday, and in 8years I haven't tasted a good food."
  • "Uhm, well.... I do have leftovers of clam chowder with oyster crackers. Does that well.... sound good?" She scratched her fingers nervously, her eyes darting around the room.
  • "Great, heat it up." I grinned. She nods her head obediently and walked away in the direction of the kitchen.
  • I breath out in relief the minute I was safely behind the kitchen door. I rest my back on the kitchen door, my legs felt so wobbly. I feel like am in some kind of bizarre dream and I really need to wake up real quick, because this dream is getting really crazy.
  • I pinched myself a couple times and I still didn't wake up. Okay Janice, calm down.. this is one hell of a nightmare and that's all. I promise, you will wake up very soon, okay.
  • Lying to myself is probably the only way I could survive this bizarre situation, beside how in the world is it possible that my character is really alive. He is a fucking damn character that is meant to be in a story book, a story book that is purely fictional. First it was Anna Steve and now Ethan Smith.
  • So what the fuck is happening right now? The only conclusion I can come to...... is that am in a weird bizarre dream and nothing more.
  • I breathe out and breathe in repeatedly, trying to get my heart beat in a regular way. I gave myself a little pep talk and walked to the refrigerator, I opened the refrigerator and brought out the leftover clam chowder and oyster crackers. I heat up the food then placed it on a tray, breathed out and then found the courage to walk out of the kitchen.
  • "I was beginning to think you didn't want to come out anymore." Ethan said to me, grinning with does dark green eyes of his, the side of his lips curling into a smirk. Please bizarre dream, please come to an end. I think I would die of an heart attack before I would finally be able to wake up.
  • "It just took so long for the clam chowder to heat up." I replied setting down the plate on the table. He nods his head and head over to the dinning table, he sat down opened the plates and without praying he started eating.
  • I didn't know what to do, i didn't know if I should keep on standing or I should seat down. I'm in my house for goodness sake, and I suddenly feel like a stranger... who doesn't know her place.
  • I came to a decision to seat but the minute my butt touched the couch, Ethan said.... "I don't remember giving you permission to seat." His voice came out so authoritative and yet soothing.
  • I stood back up immediately and with both my hands to the side of my body, I stared at the floor with confusion. I am the owner of this house, so why am I taking orders from a character who is supposed to be in just my book but definitely not in real life, eating my left over clam chowders and oyster crackers.
  • I watched him eat like an obedient slave, I didn't say a single word. I really don't know why.
  • Okay Janice you have to say something, why are you standing so obediently? Finding all the courage that I could muster, I cleared my throat repeatedly, straightened my posture and then I said.... "You have to leave, or I would be force to call the police."
  • While talking I looked for my phone, I shouldn't have said that to him when I didn't have a means on how to contact the police. Smart move Janice, real smart move.
  • "If it's your phone that you are looking for, then I believe it's with me." He shrugged. Ohh fuck!
  • He grinned at me wickedly, stood up from the dinning chair then walked to me in slow heavy steps.
  • "I think I should let you know what's going on Janice, caused it seems to me that you don't have a clue." He is right, I do not have a clue. Why? Because I have reasons to believe that I am probably on my bed sleeping right now, and having this nightmare as a dream. I think it's time to wake up Janice! Please wake up, I have had enough.
  • "But I will let you know what's going on, Janice Heather." He paused gazing into my eyes with so much intensity, I want to look away but I can't.
  • "You made my life a series of bad omen. You made me kill the woman that I love, you made me waste half my life in prison. You are the reason for all my misfortune, and I can't see a better way but to pay you back in your own coin. From now on Janice, you are going to experience what suffer taste like and you will regret writing a book with me as the villain."