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My Dad's Bestfriend

My Dad's Bestfriend

Liz Barnet

Update: 2023-01-11

Chapter 1 Destination

  • Warning/ Triger warning
  • This book contains strong mature content and illicit language, read at your own risk.
  • Evelyn
  • "You have no right to look this beautiful, Clara," I couldn't help my excitement, "Dad will faint if he sees you in this on the wedding night!"
  • Currently, Clara who was my dad's fiance was looking through the shopping we'd done since the morning, it was nearly evening when we'd returned to our house.
  • "Really, You think so?" Clara laughed, digging her hands into another bag before pulling out the black lacy nightwear.
  • "How about this one?"
  • "Well damn! You surely going to look like a whole damn meal," Upon the completion of my sentence, another laugh tore from her throat and she playfully slapped my shoulder.
  • "Your and your dad's compliments are almost the same, no wonder why he is so fond of you--Because you are just like him," She sat beside me.
  • "Whatever you say, after a few years of marriage I want a sibling. Do You get that?"
  • The blush now crept up her cheeks and a gasp slipped past her lips, "Evelyn..."
  • Noticing her furious blush I burst into a fit of laughter. Clara and I had that friendly bond from the start, after mom and dad's divorce I had never seen dad being so happy with any woman until Clara and truly she was the nicest person ever and of course better than my mom who left dad in his most miserable moment when he needed her the most--A loss in the business of dad was all that took her to leave dad and me.
  • I laughed and pulled her in a hug, "I love you cutie pie."
  • "I love you too, Evie, " A smile softened on her lips as she hugged me back, "Thank you so much for accepting me in your and dad's life, it really means the whole world to me." She sniffled.
  • Knowing Clara for years I knew she tended to get emotional even at the smallest things and right now she was having another moment like that right now.
  • "So you are unlocking the waterfalls again, huh?" I asked and I heard a chuckle slip past her lips.
  • "No, I am not," She smiled through her tears and looked at me before wiping away the moisture that had gathered in her eyes.
  • "How many times do I need to tell you that you don't need to thank me for anything? You are perfect for dad, Clara. A thousand times better than my selfish mother, of course."
  • "Don't say that, Evie," She spoke, "After all, she is your mother."
  • "As I care," I scoffed threw myself on the bed not caring about the bunch of clothes that were suffocating under my weight.
  • "But, Evie..."
  • "No lecture for today my soon-to-be mother," I cut her off, "You better arrange that there'd be a whole lot of hot guys for me to fuck with. This virginity is tiring as fuck."
  • "Yeah yeah, so that your dad divorces me before we can even get married," She rolled her eyes causing me to burst into a fit of laughter. She was right, dad was super protective about me, he had shunned my multiple dates in the past.
  • "Can we both just pack dad in luggage and keep him away for a few days so that I can get my freedom and have fun for a few days?" I asked suggestively.
  • "I doubt your dad will fit in any suitcase." She shrugged.
  • "So what exact planning is going here ladies?" Dad walked inside the room out of the blue startling both me and Clara.
  • Dad and his perfect timing!
  • Fuck my luck, oh well Clara's too.
  • "Nothing, we were talking about the wedding plans," I spluttered adding a laugh to make my obvious seem less obvious but apparently dad's expression told it all.
  • "I very well heard about the plans you two were discussing," He spoke crossing his hands over his chest, I saw Clara trying to stop her laughter behind her hand.
  • My glare in her direction seemed to make her brain start working and she uttered the next sentence, "Samuel, you shouldn't have eavesdropped on our conversation. It's"She looked for a word, "Yeah...disgraceful to do."
  • "Yeah, yeah," Dad rolled his eyes and sat on the sofa placed at the corner of my room," And it's very kind of you two to discuss how to pack me in a suitcase, great!"
  • Clara opened and closed her mouth to get anything out but could not find anything to say.
  • "Then you should stop driving away from my dates!" I spoke out loud.
  • "Then you should start finding good guys instead of little rascals." Dad's retort came almost immediately.
  • "They were not little!"
  • "Do you agree with the fact that they were rascals?" Clara laughed out and my cheeks burnt red in embarrassment at the realization, well....I didn't actually bring any nice guy till now but that doesn't mean I was going to accept defeat in this argument.
  • "I mean, they were not rascals!" I glared at dad.
  • "Of course, they were, "Dad spoke confidently, "Each of those boys was, none of them had good intentions."
  • There's the thing, I didn't want the good intentions....
  • "Why do you always interrupt in my relationships huh? I am eighteen and I have the right to choose who I want to date."
  • "Of course you but if you always choose the worst among the guys, I have the right to stop you."
  • Damn dad and his logic!
  • I was left tongue-tied at my place and I found myself heaving out the defeated sigh.
  • "So I guess that's the end of today's argument," Dad stood up, "So, now my dear daughter and my fiance, can you both stop the planning of packing me in the luggage and pack your clothes in it so that we all can leave early for the flight?"
  • "When is the flight by the way?" Clara asked.
  • "We have to reach the airport before 9 pm," He looked at his wristwatch, "We should better start getting ready."
  • "Can't the flight be delayed? We have just come from shopping?" I yawned stretching my arms over my head.
  • "Uh-huh," He shook his head, "We need to prepare the mansion for the guests, they will be arriving from tomorrow."
  • "We are not going to get any rest?!" The shriek automatically left my mouth.
  • "Probably not," Dad clicked his tongue, "And the destination wedding was your plan so you can't blame me."
  • "God! You are so cruel!" I groaned burying my face into my hands.
  • "Thank you, now go and start getting ready." With that grin being flashed at me, he walked out of the room.
  • "Don't worry, I'll arrange something after we reach the mansion," Clara spoke and my eyes lit up in happiness, "You won't have to work."
  • "I love you, I love you, I love you, "I threw myself on her and a chuckle was all response that I got from her.
  • "I love you too, now go and get ready otherwise the demon in your dad will awake." She chuckled.
  • "Oh, you are so right," I laughed before I sprinted into the closet.