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Chapter 465 We Aren’t on the Same Path

  • Qiu Linrui leaned on his shoulders, but she did not answer his question. She knew Han Yichen liked her, but she could not accept anyone, as she could not let go of her past. Without a word, Qiu Linrui got up from Han Yichen’s shoulder before wiping her tears away.
  • Han Yichen was puzzled by her reaction, and he looked at her in confusion, but she only looked at him calmly.
  • “We aren’t on the same path, and I would return to where I should be,” Qiu Linrui said.
  • “You can’t forget about him even after so many years?” Han Yichen grabbed Qiu Linrui’s shoulders.
  • “No, I can’t. How can I forget about him?” Qiu Linrui answered coldly.
  • If someone appeared before you in your hardest, darkest time, and they tried all they could to just get you to smile happily, they would leave a deep mark that would not disappear for a very long time, even after the person was long gone.
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