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Chapter 460 I Don’t Want to Thank You

  • Just as the last word was uttered, the sound of an explosion rang out. When they quickly turned around upon hearing the deafening boom, they saw that the villa had exploded. However, it was only one corner that had exploded. Wang stared at the exploded corner in shock, having no idea at all what had happened or who had planted the bomb in the villa.
  • “Should we still give chase?” a man beside him asked cautiously.
  • “What do you think? Go with a few others and give chase. I’ll go back and check on Master,” Wang said coldly.
  • “Understood. We’ll go immediately,” the bodyguard said solemnly.
  • In the end, three or four men went in pursuit of Han Yichen and Qiu Linrui while Wang quickly ran into the villa.
  • Upon returning to the villa, he saw his Master sitting on the sofa and leisurely enjoying a cup of coffee, not at all bothered about the explosion earlier.
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