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Chapter 59 (fifty nine)

  • CHAPTER 59..
  • "Dumb or not I'll decide now answer to my question" I ask keenly hoping to have made the right choice my one and only friend I had managed to acquire in years us about to slip theoughy my fingers,
  • "A cousin of mine lobes around the estate I came to visit her and I heard about the whole congratulations stuff so I thought you had just purchased the building and decides to drop by,
  • My cousin has exactly this type of house in the estate although they are of different colors, you should have thought harder and better if I had snuck in through what? An Uber booth? Oh please I would never cramp myself into the booth if an Uber man just so I could surprise you no way,
  • Thanks for doubting me and my words now if you'll excuse me I need to be on my way"
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