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Chapter 9

  • I highlight from the bus tilting my head then stretching , I had fun watching my brother drown in despair, he's such a loser, I've had my eyes on him all through , i want him to take his rightful place as alpha but he seems to have little or no interest in becoming one, he has a timeline of 3 full moons to find his mate but he seems to be making little or no effort in finding her I hope my plan goes down well.
  • "Go on I need rest and change if clothes I'm soaking wet from sweat in this outfit"
  • I raise my hand to Pat her hair, she's pretty I watch as she continues to whine about the stuffy bus and the long trip,
  • "Callie, I told you not to wear I warned you it was going to be a long trip and we would be cramped but what did you say ?"
  • She looks down at her feet pouting ,
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