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Chapter 8

  • I hold my hand down towards my lower abdomen, the feeling to retch overwhelms me, I've been in the bus for an hour , I'm headed for the school trip in Kentucky , I've avoided cramped spaces a lot ruthar likes being free once he stays in a place too long he begins to get the feeling of being caged
  • During my previous trips I've had fun times not minding anything being with William on the bus but this summer it all sucks , I think very hard
  • "I'm not jealous right? Am I getting the feeling to retch due to my being cramped with noisy kids on the bus or because of the scene before me?"
  • I look up right before me , there's William and Laura in the same seat, they both seem to get together well, they've been bickering , laughing and snuggling for an hour,
  • "When did they get this close or friendly?"
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