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Chapter 37 (thirty seven)

  • I've watched William linger around Laura ever since he had gotten here I've heard rumors about him finding his mate but I could feel tense atmosphere between both if them, at time they act like they both had a contract relationship not people who are madly in love with each other,
  • I had overheard Laura telling Callie she wasn't William's mate which doubled my doubts one would have thought she was saying it all out of the heat of the moment having lost a close friends,
  • However that also triples my doubts, why would Laura pass out once,twice and thrice just for a friend i had known William and Arthur to be lovers And had expected William to be sulking in a corner and forced to eat not gallivanting around choking on grapes somehow,
  • But I can't help the feelings I'm having for laura as it's beginning to grow, at first I thought i would loathe her just being a lover to my ex and I could sense a love triangle sprouting among all three of them Arthur William and with Laura being the centre of it all,
  • "You know nothing about my relationship with Laura, who are you to tell me she's not my mate can you prove it? No you can't I would not have you blaspheme either me or my relationship with my mate now I'd advise you to watch what you say"  
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