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Chapter 33 (thirty three)

  • I cringe at the awful memory shaking it off my head, I would never go back to being with that monster, he gave me a lifelong trauma and I healed all thanks to Arthur,
  • The pain arises again, is this what loosing a mate feels like?,I spent every day of  20 years seeing him and 2 years of being with him I can't just forget about him but breaking down every minute isn't going to help matters,
  • Looking into the mirror once more I pick up fresh clothes which was delivered by Derek's pack, putting them on I walk out of the room making sure to close the door behind,  
  • Getting to Laura's room I don't knock but open the door slightly, her mood also seems to be sour as she's staring at the breakfast by her side fiddling with the bread and jam,
  • "Still mad at me?"
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