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Chapter 5 The rejection

  • Three years later -
  • Chris Reynolds the 21-year-old Alpha of the silver moon pack stood facing the council. There were originally several werewolves packs in North America, but after the devastating war, only 10 packs survived and agreed on a pact. They formed a council, which drew a peace pact, and oversaw that it was implemented. It's also controlled the mating of the Alphas so that it would bring maximum benefit to the packs.
  • "Alpha Chris. Do you accept Grace Anderson of the Blue moon? Daughter of Alpha Frank Anderson, as your mate?" The grey councilman asked.
  • Chris looked down for a moment, his wolf wasn't ready, but he had no choice, Blue moon was a very powerful pack. Plus the promised land and business contracts that Frank had offered along with his daughter's hand would bring prosperity for the pack.
  • "What about out mate?" His wolf asked. Roselie had turned 18 last month. He had been dating her secretly for the last three years. As promised they were not mated but his wolf was now itching to claim her when Chris was suddenly called by the council and offered to mate with, Grace Anderson.
  • "I accept," Chris said aloud.
  • The councilmen nodded.
  • "You will be mated with Grace Anderson, a week from now. On the full moon. May Luna bless this union."
  • ***********
  • "What! You are going to mate with Grace Anderson? What about us?" Roselie shouted, they were standing near the waterfall. Their old spot where they often met. Swam in the creek and hunted rabbits. She had been waiting for the day when Chris would claim had as his mate. It never arrived.
  • "I can't overrule the council's decision Roselie, I am sorry," he said sadly.
  • "So you are rejecting me?" Roselie asked angrily.
  • "It's not like that Rosalie, I am the Alpha. I have to take care of my pack and take the best possible decision. Grace Anderson would be a good Luna." He said softly, without looking at her.
  • "So, this is what you think about me? I am not good enough? A mere Omega."
  • "It's not like that Roselie... I love you..."
  • "Stop it! just stop it...You're not mine anymore," she murmured, "Not mine..."
  • Roselie ran as fast as her legs and could let her, she burst through the woods. She had heard that the rejection by your mate hurt. But the pain of rejection pierced her so deeply, it was all she could do to get away before she instinctively bent over in pain and cried herself into a mess. She raced through the barely lit expanse in the dark but realized a little too late that she had run asay too far.
  • "Goddammit," she cursed in frustration, unable to even think of the anguish and humiliation that would involve her going back. A few more drops slid down her face and she struggled with her beast as it tried to exert control and take over her form. Thoughts were rushing through her head and she could barely think even as she considered that there was no way she could simply just walk to wherever she wanted to go.
  • Roselie pounded against a tree and barely noticed the way it bent, caused by her assault as she finally gave all control over to the animal that had been clawing at her in its agony, trying to take over and tore out from her body. Her white wolf was out, letting a sorrowful howl fill the air.
  • The animal raced towards the Pack's woods, her first instinct to get away and go back to a safe place. She had thought letting the wolf take over would numb the pain that had wracked through her body, affecting her almost physically but she was wrong. In wolf form, she felt all the grief and rage of a wounded beast, with every single snarl and successive whimper of sorrow the wolf gave.
  • 'He doesn't want us!'
  • The thought tore through her again and again as she realized that the one person fated to love her, the one man who was chosen for her did not want her. She remembered the brilliance of his eyes distorted by the sadness. It was too much for her and she tried to recoil from the pain but it overwhelmed her, impaling her from every angle until she screamed in agony and the wolf stopped running to let out a pain-filled howl so heart-rending she felt her pain intensify even more.
  • Was the animal feeling the same loss she felt at Chris rejecting her so harshly? Did the wolf understand what it all meant or was it the loss of the chance to mate that hurt the beast?
  • 'We are his but he has discarded us,' the thought rang through her head.
  • 'No, no, perhaps he doesn't understand what it truly means...perhaps he....'
  • 'He thinks us beneath him! He has rejected us!' the thought cut her off.
  • She tried to think through the haze of pain in her mind but felt more emotions piercing through her; anger, despair and loneliness all raged through her mind as she tried to fight them.
  • 'We should force a mating with him! He is ours!'
  • 'What?! No! No, that's not can't do that, you can't!'
  • She fought through the haze of emotions even as she felt her consciousness start to slip. Her control over the wolf had diminished and it seemed to want to violate their pact, considering doing something as impractical as forcing a mating with the Alpha. Roselie panicked as she felt the vestiges of insanity begin to crawl into her thoughts and she tried to wrest control back from the wolf in futility. She couldn't shift back to her human form and the wolf walked in circles, growling and snarling as it completely overwhelmed her senses, something dark and empty starting to engulf her, slowly corrupting her and overwhelming every emotion she felt at the moment.
  • 'No, NO!' she tried to scream, still trying to take back control of her form but she didn't shift back. 'Please, please don't!' she sobbed in desperation before she lost all awareness.