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Chapter 147 Never Ever

  • I was all over the place with the way Jordan ran his hands through my body. He made bathing fun for the very first time in my life, and I was throbbing by the time he was done. I could not get the thought of how his hands cupped and squeezed my breasts, neither could I stop thinking of how he teased me and teased me till I found myself relaxing into him from behind. His dick was hard and hot when it grazed my legs, and a moan escaped my mouth. This was torture, torture that I wanted to escape. He turned on the shower and finally decided to stop playing with me. At least that was what I thought till he squeezed my nipples and started to caress, squeeze, and pinch my breasts from behind. I moaned again, feeling his dick twitch against my legs while he started placing kisses all over my neck and the nape of it. Baptizing my sweet spot with kisses that took me to the moon and back. I moaned and moaned, unable to stop this want, this need that grew within. If I thought I was on fire before, then I had probably turned into lava now because every part of me burned with need, burned with a desire that I could not quench. I moved my back against his body, gaining a groan when his dick slid between my legs. It twitched even more, and my walls throbbed at the expectation of something. But Jordan did not make a move, and I was left to keep moving myself over his dick. He groaned into my ears, pinching one of my nipples and peppering me with more kisses. This continued for a while, and Jordan made no move to move further. Aggravated by this, I stopped what I was doing and turned to him while taking his dick in my hands. I had seen too much to know what to do, and Tiffany was good at explaining sex scenes that might have happened or never happened for me to understand this. Moreover, I was a virgin, which didn't mean I lacked knowledge. Not to add that I did this and many more for Nate a few times when he could not hold himself.
  • He exhaled heavily at the feel of my hands as I wrapped them around his shaft. I smiled, looking him in the eye, then I slowly, gently ran my hands in a back-and-forth motion. Feeling his long and satisfying manliness in my hand. He groaned in satisfaction and relaxed against the wall while I stroked him slowly, evenly, gently. I increased my pace a little and watched him close his eyes, clearly enjoying what was happening. It filled me with a lot of satisfaction, and I wanted to do more for him. Without thinking, or waiting for approval, I knelt down, facing his manliness face on. My tongue first grazed the tip of his dick. He shuddered and opened his eyes to look at me, but I had shut it already before he could and slid his dick into my mouth, taking it slowly.
  • “Open your eyes.” His voice came with the sound of the running water, but I could hear how hoarse and thick it was.
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