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Chapter 127 Alden's Warning

  • Jordan’s smile faded and his eyes grew hard when he saw me leaving Alden, and I couldn't help but chuckle at the glare he gave me immediately after. I bit my lip at him and continued with Alden as he led me upstairs. It was a huge hall that accommodated a lot of people from all around. The beauty of it all, the wealth that was poured into one party, was unbelievable and astonishing. It was unlike anything I had ever seen, not that I had seen many. A lot of people were going to and fro, women and men stood at a corner while some went up and down the stairs. Their eyes all turned to me as I walked regally with Alden, and it was very uncomfortable. It was like they wanted to tear me apart, to scrutinize me so dearly, so heavily as they searched for a mistake in my movement, my hair, and even my clothes. It was daunting, and I really wished they would stop. Strangely, I could tell that they knew who I was. They might not have known me, but they knew my husband. Our family had been the talk of the town for a while now, and Jordan, months ago, was an eligible bachelor waiting to be snatched by ladies from wealthy families until I came along, out of the blue, and shattered that. The world of women was competition and always filled with raw jealousy and envy. I already had the man, so it would be wise if they moved on to someone else, but instead, they stuck with the blow and allowed the envy and anger in their hearts to grow until they started giving me death glares. However, I understood the way they looked at me. I was from the slums and I was dirty. I didn’t fit into their world, I wasn’t fit to be by Jordan’s side, yet I was, and it simply annoyed them.
  • One time, this feeling, the gazes on me, and the hate within their eyes would have given me a panic attack. I would have wanted to run far and remain far, but that wasn’t the case anymore. Over the months, I had seen hell and back. I had been subjected to humiliation, to rape. I had been kidnapped, bundled, and almost killed. I had been assaulted by reporters and harassed by Samantha and a psychopath in my own house. I had been betrayed by Jordan and made miserable, but I learned to fight back. To be strong and to take bullshit from no one. I deserved every good thing out there, just like every other lady who was born with a silver spoon. Skylar had indeed made me feel inferior earlier, and I hated that I had questioned myself and my worth simply because I was found in a room filled with men and women of high class. But no one was going to make me feel so inferior ever again. I deserved everything. I became stronger, and I had a wonderful man by my side. They should all go to hell.
  • I scoffed at the women who did little to hide their scorn and allowed a proud smile to plaster all over my lips. None of them mattered, not even if it were the president’s daughter or the president himself. I had just kissed my husband and expressed something within. No one was going to spoil it for me.
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