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M.I.N.E Endless Love

M.I.N.E Endless Love

Tessy Chris

Update: 2022-05-30

Chapter 1 At the glass house

  • Joel's foot was on the turtle, ready to accelerate as soon as the green light came on. It can be so annoying sometimes when the traffic suddenly shows red when you think you are going to beat the traffic.
  • His boss Rodrigo Campbell was sitting in the passenger seat and ordered him to drive to the glass house in twenty minutes against the usual forty minutes drive.
  • He was seated with his girlfriend Camilla Dickson, who also was his secretary. He was having his laptop on his thighs and was working on it.
  • His full attention was on his laptop while Camilla sat with her arms folded across her chest quietly. The sight of which indicates that she was afraid of something.
  • Rodrigo is the richest dude in the country at the young age of 25. The President of the Campbell's group and heir to the entire Campbell's Companies worldwide.
  • He is tall, handsome with a powerful aura. A private person and hates publicity. He was an eye candy to the female species and highly admired by his male counterparts.
  • He is extremely devoted to the best interest of the company and within three years he took over the company, it's horizons have spread far and wide.
  • Rodrigo turned and glanced at Camilla sitting quietly and he hived a smile. The latter was lost in her thoughts and she missed his glance.
  • Rodrigo recounted their first meeting in his heart and he grinned. He never imagined that things could work out so beautifully between them.
  • To say the truth, he wasn't quite the gentleman the day they met. He shook his head and continued working on his computer.
  • "Penny for your thoughts?" He teased, shutting down the computer and placing it aside. He pulled her to himself and she willingly snuggled into him.
  • "What's going on in that head of yours?" He asked, placing a featherlight kiss on her temple. He loves her and she loves him too.
  • She had saved his life and he had fallen in love with her afterward. He never thought a day would come in his life that he would be saved by a girl, until Camilla did just that.
  • "Rodrigo" Camilla called gently, playing with his shirt buttons. If there's anything she wants the most right now, it is for him to let her go.
  • "" Rodrigo grunted. He looked at her, his lower jaw directly above her hair. He stroked her hair and his other hand pulled her tighter.
  • " Can you just spare me this lunch,I don't want to come with you" She requested. His parents disliked her already. She doesn't want to belittle herself more by following him to the glass house.
  • " No, I won't," he paused, before declaring " rest" and caressed her back gently. He knew that was her fear. She doesn't want to accompany him to lunch in his parents house.
  • His mother had called him an hour ago to come over for lunch. He had refused with an excuse that he had a heap of work on his desk but she insisted and said it was his grandfather's orders.
  • He had no option than to come. His grandfather was one person he couldn't refute. He must obey no matter how difficult it was for him.
  • He was used to having lunch with his secretary who invariably is his girlfriend Camilla. Hence he asked her to accompany him to lunch at his parents place.
  • They had to face the monster once and for all and show their unrelenting love for each other. What's the use of running away from reality and what they feel for each other?
  • Being a coward will do them no good. He loves Camilla and not Emma. He can't help it, his heart only bears for Camilla.
  • Joel drove into the vast compound of the glass house. It's called a glass house because the exterior was made of glass transparent and glittering.
  • His parents lived there and that was where his father also lived before his death. And now, his grandfather and mother lived there with the servants or when his sister Mirabel comes around.
  • Joel drove until he parked at the garage and Rodrigo gently tapped Camilla to wake her up. She shivered and looked up at him with a questioning gaze.
  • "Relax, I am here" he coaxed her. No one is going to eat when up or whip her with a cane. At least he had brought her and would definitely protect her.
  • She is his girlfriend and not anyone else's. He knew his mother had met her several times and had been hostile toward her but she hasn't warned her to stay off.
  • He was the one to have an argument or tussle with his family and not her. She shouldn't be scared but be calm, composed with self esteem.
  • Camilla nodded and sighed softly. She was definitely going to still meet them or some other day if she was going to love Rodrigo forever.
  • Rodrigo alighted and held the door for Camilla to step out. She did and looked at the beautiful glass house and then at Rodrigo before intertwining her hand with his and walked along.
  • "Your place is good" Camilla complimented and Rodrigo smiled and said she was going to be a part of the family soon.
  • As they approached the house, they heard laughter coming from the house which definitely belong to the feminine gender