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Chapter 3 Serviced by Giants 1

  • "Ha!", Lydia gasped and stopped short as she came face to face with the most shocking sight of the year. Not just shocking, but highly erotic too! She stood rooted to the spot and stared unblinking as the action went on as if the actors were alone even though they'd noticed her presence the exact moment she stepped in and closed the door behind her. Just few feet away was her best friend, Kelly, being given the fuck of her life by two huge hard muscled men. The only time Lydia had seen men this big and muscular was on TV, but here they were, right here in the room she shared with her best friend, pounding her with reckless abandon as if she was the last woman on Earth.
  • Kelly and Lydia, being roommates, were supposed to be close and know practically everything about each other. Frankly, they'd been closer than normal and with the recent scarcity of "suitable" guys, they had improvised by helping to pleasure each other on most nights, but the person she was watching now was very different from the gentle lover she knew who had ground her pussy against hers, fingered and sucked her to so many orgasms. This version of Kelly, on the other hand, was moaning and cussing like a bitch in heat with one hand on the wall and the other hand expertly stroking the big hard dick of one of the muscular Giants while his even more muscular friend plowed in to her pussy from behind. Or was it her ass he was fucking? Lydia could not really be sure because he was thrusting so fast, his balls swinging back and forth and hitting her friend's pubic hair with each thrust. Christ! Lydia had never seen such heavy balls before. They were like small oranges and she could only imagine just how much cum they contained.
  • By now, she had overcome her shock and was shameless enough to bend slightly and confirm that it was actually her friend's fat pussy and not her ass that was being plowed so mercilessly. But she couldn't help but wonder whose private part was producing that sticky cum that was steadily dripping out of Kelly's stuffed pussy. Suddenly, her friend squealed and Lydia quickly looked up to find that the giant had now pressed Kelly flat against the wall and was pounding her faster and harder than he had ever done. Kelly was not a big girl, but she had quite a lot of "surplus flesh" on her which always jiggled whenever she did any physical activity of any kind and true to form, the giant's pounding was making her soft body, especially those juicy thighs of hers, jiggle so violently that Lydia could be sure it turned both guys on immensely.
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