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Lust-filled Wishes

Lust-filled Wishes

ML James

Last update: 2021-09-28

Chapter 1 Between My Legs

  • His warm hands moved slow and caressing underneath her shirt, spreading sweet warmth all over her body. Suddenly, he grabbed her love handles and began to hump his dick against her big ass.
  • "Hmmmm. Such a bad boy," she scolded, even though her hand was reaching behind her, fumbling around for his trouser-clad penis. They were both horny as rabbits and it was only a matter of seconds or a few minutes max. before his dick would begin to saw in and out of her pussy.
  • He bit softly on her earlobe and ran his tongue up and down the skin behind her ear, making her shiver and moan in pleasure. Even though they fucked at every opportunity they got, which could mean as many as twice a day on weekends, she was still adding more and more weight. And the part that surprised and yet thrilled her was the fact that her increasing body size turned him on immensely and he always fucked her deeper and more vigorously than ever like a wild man whenever the thought of her chubby body entered his mind.
  • She had thought that by now he'd have moved on and begun paying more attention to the trendy skinny girls guys his age were rolling around with, but he always came back day after day to rock her word and make her scream and shudder with multiple orgasms. His lust for her was constantly on the rise, until it had almost become an obsession. Nowadays, it was the norm for him to appear on her doorstep with a hard-on. One day, he'd actually fucked her right there on the doorway, and made her cum twice. Luckily, it was late evening and dark enough to hide what they were doing, but the deep groans and the sound of his rock hard dick plugging in and out of her soaked pussy would have been unmistakable if anyone was close by. And somehow, he had still managed to keep all these from his mother. All she knew was that he was always "out visiting friends". But she had no idea what friend he was going out with or what exactly they did together.
  • "Hmmmm mmn," Susie murmured in a half-hearted attempt at a warning as both his hands slipped past the waistband of her skirt and started skimming through her soft curls. Her pussy was already wet and leaking in anticipation and even before one of his hands had reached it, her waist shot forward automatically.
  • Ben didn't waste any time. He quickly plugged two fingers deep inside her pussy.
  • "Fuck!", Susanne swore and her body trembled in his arms.
  • He pulled out and thrust into her again, even harder and deeper, adding one more finger. Susanne whimpered in a manner that made it clear that she could cum any minute. This was the state he loved to put her in before fucking her senseless. Immediately, he grabbed the waistband of her skirt and began working it down over her big fleshy ass and wide hips when, all of a sudden, there was a sharp knock on the door.
  • "Shit!", he cursed in anger and disappointment.
  • The knock had knocked Susie back to reality a little too quickly, and without thinking, she pulled up her skirt before hurrying off to go see who was at the door. As she went, her backside received a tap and a tight squeeze. He really was obsessed with that ass.
  • "Oh Amanda! Wasn't expecting you," Susanne sighed in relief, glad to see that it was just her friend and not Ben's mother.
  • "Who were you expecting then? Lover?", Amanda asked, raising her perfect eyebrows in that trademark manner of hers that made her look serious and curious when she was actually teasing.
  • "Oh don't be silly. Come in." Susie let her in and locked the door behind her. When she turned, she was surprised to find that Ben was still standing where she had left him: in the middle of the room. He was staring at Amanda and Amanda was staring at him. There was enough to make either side stare. Ben was sporting a visible hard-on and trying unsuccessfully to hide it which attracted even more attention to it while Amanda was in a backless dress that was far above knee-length, showing her legs and thighs in all their naked juicy glory.
  • "Seems you have a guest, eh?", Amanda observed, staring holes at Ben's crotch area, but suddenly, she began sniffing the air. "Smells like something is wet and dripping."
  • Susie immediately shot her a withering glare knowing fully well that Amanda was referring to the scent of her arousal, but that woman pretended not to have noticed the glare and instead plopped down on the nearest sofa with a deep sigh. She ran her eyes all around the large living room and then focused on Ben again. "He's a quiet one... and strong. Is he good at mowing lawns?", she asked, turning to her friend with a meaning glance at her crotch.
  • "How am I supposed to know?", Susie retorted, followed by another angry glare. "Been, go get something for her to drink," she quickly added before Amanda would make an even more scandalous response. But that vixen was not to be so easily discouraged.
  • "Oh preferably something white and sticky," she winked at Ben and licked her lips seductively. Susanne couldn't help but notice Ben shudder and nearly trip as he staggered away on the errand, still trying hard to conceal that hard cock of his. She waited until he had gone out of hearing before turning to Amanda.
  • "Better get your hands off him. His mother..."
  • "Oh please. You've been fucking him for God knows how long and I dare say you never asked permission from his mother, so what's wrong with me taking him home to do a little manual labor? You should see how bushy my lawn is."
  • "What happened to your super studs?", Susanne asked, a hint of mockery in her voice.
  • "Oh they're engaged for the week. Whenever they're free, I'll have more than just one hard cock at my disposal, which is a privilege not everyone can claim to have enjoyed," Amanda shot back.
  • "He brought a friend once," her friend quickly responded, with pride in her voice.
  • "Oh my! And you never told me about it. Yet, I tell you everything about my adventures. So selfish! But wait, did they both take you at the same time or did they take turns with your pussy or your ass and pussy?"
  • "They took turns. Front and back."
  • "Oh fuck, that is so hot. And I bet they did it bareback, didn't they? Christ, there's nothing better than having a good natural hard fuck with a pair of randy bad boys using both your holes like they own you. And I expect a full detailed report about that incident," she hurriedly whispered as they noticed Ben returning with a tray.
  • He placed the tray down on the small center table and shifted it closer to the women.
  • "Hmmmmmm. Yogurt. Nice and creamy. Well done, boy," Amanda praised with a sultry wink and Ben grinned like a Cheshire cat. Susanne quickly made a mental note to praise him more often. Christ, she couldn't believe she was actually competing against her friend over a boy. But then, he wasn't just any boy. He was a very fit, strong and well-hung stud of boy with the biggest and longest dick she had ever encountered.
  • "Is there anything else you need?", he asked, his focus fully on Amanda, especially between her slightly spread legs, making Susie feel more than a little jealous.
  • "Hmmmm. Just a bottle of water will be all."
  • "Coming right up," he grinned and rushed off to get it as if it was his day job.
  • The moment he was out of earshot, Amanda leaned closer to her friend. "Does he eat pussy?"
  • Susanne was a little taken aback by the unexpected question, but she answered anyway, not without a little wariness. "Yeah. Why?"
  • "Good to know. Now, just follow my lead this once. I've got an idea that will put him to good use."
  • Before Susie could respond or ask what the idea was, Amanda had already begun to roll her panties down her legs. The wet patch on the crotch area was clear to see, but Susie dared not judge. She probably had a much bigger and wetter patch on the back of her skirt.
  • As they heard Ben returning with the water, Amanda quickly stuffed her panties into her purse and zipped it up. Before the perplexed Susie could say Jack, she had bent down, spread her legs and peeked between them to see if she had panties on. After satisfying herself of the fact that Susie was panty-less, she settled back on the couch as if she'd been in that position all day.
  • "You clearly took your time," she reprimanded as Ben dropped the water and some glasses on the tray.
  • "Umm... something fell and broke. Had to clean up. Sorry."
  • "Not good enough. You're still going to get punished."
  • To Susanne's surprise, Ben grinned!
  • "Yes, ma'am," he said and stood in front of the women with his hands behind his back like someone waiting for orders.
  • "I love to hear that," Amanda smiled gratefully, "In fact, I'd like to hear you call me ma'am when you're fu... ahem. Let's go, Sus."
  • She got up and led the way to the dining table and Susanne had no choice but to follow, wondering where all these would lead to. Thinking quickly, Ben picked up the tray with all its contents and followed the women, his face lit up in a wide grin as he looked from one bouncy cougar ass to the other. Damn, he couldn't help but consider himself a very lucky man! If he could find his way between those long perfect legs of Amanda's, he'd gladly die with a happy smile on his face.
  • "Ahem," Amanda cleared her throat when he'd dropped the tray on the table. "Now, for your punishment... you'll have to take your juice under the table. Clumsy boys are not fit to sit at the table with their mistresses. So, under you go, boy. You know where to find your juice, don't you?", Amanda asked, batting her half-closed eyelids at him and sucking on her spoon in a suggestive manner.
  • "Yes, ma'am!", Ben nodded eagerly as he caught on to the meaning of her words.
  • Before the perplexed Susanne could figure out what was going on, Ben dove under the table. What the...?? Susanne tried to look under to see what he was doing there, but Amanda quickly touched her hand to stop her. "Relax," she said with a smile. But Susanne only glared back in response. Last she checked, this was her house and no one could tell her what or what not to do in it, especially when someone else's son was concer... Fuck! She nearly jumped off her chair in shock. "Ben! What are you... Oh shit!", she screamed and mewled like a helpless puppy as his wet spear of a tongue invaded her pussy courtesy of her extra large skirt which gave him so much room to maneuver. Up and down, up and down, his tongue lazily brushed over her sex, making her shudder like crazy. His hands were holding her thighs tight to keep her in place as he continued his merciless assault on her most private part. Soon, he began to softly scratch her shaking inner thighs and Susanne lost it. She slumped back in her chair, threw her legs even wider and pressed his head against her pussy.
  • "Don't... you... dare... stop!", she ordered, panting and grinding her pussy against his face with each word. Her juices were flowing unrestrictedly and he was lapping them up like a thirsty dog, tongue-fucking her tight hole and brushing his tongue around her clit.
  • "Suck on it!", she shouted, humping his face heavily. She just wanted her sensitive clit to get the attention it deserved. But Ben kept teasing her, running his tongue everywhere and yet, carefully avoiding her madly throbbing love button. Susanne growled in frustration and pushed his face upward to force him into noticing her sweet spot. Eventually, he did.
  • "Oh Bennn", she moaned as his warm mouth enveloped her clitoris and his tongue began whipping all over it. Her clit seemed to grow an extra inch as he went on sucking on it like a noodle, triggering shock waves that spread all over her body. Damn! He'd plugged three of his fingers into her throbbing hole and was now finger fucking her and sucking on her clit at the same time. His fingers were flying in and out of her pussy, scratching the inner walls mercilessly and searching for her G-spot. Susanne was matching his thrusting fingers with her endless humping. Lord, she was so close.
  • "Fuuuuuck yes!", she grabbed his head tight and blasted squirt after squirt on his face.
  • Even when she was done ejaculating, her body was still shaking. Ben gave her sensitive pussy one last lick and she nearly fell off her chair!
  • Leaving his lover, Ben quickly crawled over to Amanda. She was ready for him. Her dress was rolled up to her waist and her naked wet pussy was in full view, ready to be eaten. He could smell her arousal already and his cock shot to full attention. He'd never been so hard in his entire life.
  • Being prepared was an advantage Amanda had over her friend, but still, she wouldn't mind a surprise pussy licking. In fact, she'd love Ben to give her such a treat sometime in the future. Handcuff her, blindfold her and then suck and fuck every one of her holes and pump her full with cum. But for now...
  • "Yessss," she hissed in pleasure as his warm mouth encircled her pussy all at once. It was a unique kind of pussy eating and man, was it nice. His mouth fully covered her vulva, applying suction on it while the tip of his tongue ran up and down her slit, licking up her wetness. She moaned softly in appreciation and her hand shot out to grab his head under the table. Yes, he was doing a good job, but she needed him to move at her own pace or she'd cum too soon. "Nice and slow, baby. Just... keep your tongue that way." Bringing the other hand to hold his head in a tight grip, she began to scrub his tongue all over her pussy, slow and steady, occasionally grinding against his face whenever he touched a special spot. Oh fuck, she could do this all day. And he was making her even hotter by scratching her thighs so softly, his fingers running all the way up to her belly, her chest and grabbing the tips of her long nipples.
  • "Oh fuck you, sweet boy," she groaned and threw her legs onto his back. "Suck my clitty, sweety. Nice and slow." And he obeyed, sucking the sensitive nub into his mouth and making her moan with each soft lick. He attacked her clit from all sides with his tongue, sometimes sucking tenderly on the tip or brushing against it from the left side and then the right side until Amanda began to tremble as her orgasm hit her. Still, he didn't stop sucking and chewing on her pussy lips, lapping up every new drop of cum she released like a hungry puppy.
  • "Oh shit shit shit! That's enough." She shut her thighs and pushed his head away. Christ, he would make her cum forever if she let him. Even though she'd pushed him off, her body was still being wracked by aftershocks. But before she could say Jack, he grabbed her waist and easily lifted her from the chair. Whoa, what on Earth did he want to do with her?? She looked over her shoulder at him and saw that he was fully naked, his erection hard and throbbing against her thigh. "You don't ask for permission, do you?", she scolded in mock anger, but he hardly cared. All he wanted was to fuck her and fuck her immediately, right there and then.
  • Still holding her waist with one arm, he pushed her forward to lean on the table and pressed his dick against her pussy. At this point did Amanda realize that she was about to be fucked by a penis she had not clearly seen. She didn't even know how long and thick it was.
  • "Hmmm," she heard him groan in her ear as he began to feed his manhood into her wet hole. Fuck, he was big! Her mouth dropped in surprise as he just kept pushing his length into her, inch after inch. It was as if his dick was endless! So this was what Susanne had been enjoying alone for God knows how long. Oh the greedy bitch.
  • "Unng!", Ben grunted as he reached his limit inside the warm wet pussy of the hot cougar. Amanda's legs quivered. She'd been plugged with all sorts of dicks, but this one was by far the longest. She felt like he was in her womb and her pussy had already clamped down on the welcome invader, reluctant to let him go.
  • They stayed in this position for nearly a minute, both of them enjoying the sensation of their first encounter. Ben leaned fully on Amanda's back, licking her neck and biting her earlobe just as he scratched her thighs with his fingertips. Amanda squirmed and moaned in his arms, enjoying the sweet torture she was receiving both inside and outside. Soon, Ben started to move his big prick deep inside her.
  • "Ohhhh fuck yes!" she screamed as he pulled out and slammed back into her pussy with a loud grunt. That thrust was so heavy that it moved the table she was leaning on. And he quickly followed it with a furious pounding, hammering his dick mercilessly into her as if he owned her pussy. Amanda shrieked as another orgasm hit her, making her fall forward on the table, but the bull behind her went with her, his cock still drilling into her non-stop. Shock wave after shock wave washed over her and she just lay there gasping and cumming, her pussy fully surrendered to the animal fucking she was getting.
  • He had his hands everywhere, squeezing, fondling, pinching and pulling every sensitive part of her body. Her nipples were his favorite and he couldn't just stop twisting them between his fingers, making Amanda purr like a kitten as more cum flowed out of her pussy. His dick was just sliding effortlessly in and out, fully coated with her juices, making it more and more pleasurable for him until he couldn't hold it back anymore.
  • "Aaaargh God!", he growled and slammed into her frantically, pouring the content of his balls deep inside her with each mad thrust.
  • When they finally came off their climax, Susanne was seated exactly the way Ben had left her and staring at them with an unreadable expression on her face. But Amanda cared less. She'd just had a piece of the hot stuff her friend had been selfishly enjoying and now, she wanted more.
  • "I think I might need your help around my house this weekend," she murmured to the young stud whose dick was still inside her. His first response was a grunt and the next thing she knew, his dick began to grow harder inside her.
  • "Oh Lord. What... Hmmf!" He silenced her with a deep hard thrust, nearly knocking the breath out of her lungs. As he grabbed both her breasts and started pounding into her pussy again, Amanda knew she was going to be fully occupied for the rest of the day. This guy seemed ready to fuck her until forever!