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Chapter 9 Get Married Soon

  • “Oh, come here! Come sit with me so I can take a good look at you!”
  • Old Madam Huo gestured for Bai Yunjin to come. She even shifted a little so Bai Yunjin got to sit beside her.
  • “Why did you lose weight?” Old Madam Huo held her chin and studied closely before asking in a cold voice. She immediately turned to Huo Chen who had just come in. “Be honest with me. Did you bully our Yunjin?”
  • It was as if Bai Yunjin was her real granddaughter.
  • Huo Chen strode in lazily. There was a smirk on his lips as he said, “Grandma, you're being biased. Why don't we do a DNA test tomorrow to see if I was 'picked up' by the Huo family?”
  • He said it casually, but Bai Yunjin felt offended.
  • Huo Chen wasn't picked up by the Huo family; I was the one...
  • A chill crept down her spine as she lowered her head awkwardly. Old Madam Huo eased the situation by saying, “Scoundrel! Stop spouting nonsense!”
  • Old Madam Huo grabbed her hands, “Yunjin, tell me. Did that scoundrel Huo Chen bully you? If he treated you badly, tell me so I will punish him!”
  • Of course Bai Yunjin wouldn't dare to tell on Huo Chen right in front of him.
  • She was afraid he'd torture her back in the villa after they returned.
  • “No, grandma,” she mumbled softly.
  • Huo Chen raised his brows at her shy look. There was an amused smile on his face. Don't assume I don't know what you're thinking of.
  • You're using my grandma's affection to assume authority because you want to become my wife. Ha!
  • Bai Yunjin, you're such a calculating woman!
  • Old Madam Huo was enraged by Huo Chen’s nonchalant attitude.
  • Her grandson was capable, but he was an unfaithful man!
  • She often watched the entertainment news on the TV. Huo Chen was rumored to be with different celebrities almost every day!
  • She couldn't allow that to go on.
  • “It's fine, dear. I've asked Madam Xu to choose an auspicious date after three months. You'll be married to him soon!”
  • Old Madam Huo was pleased when she said that. She didn't notice the dead silence in the house after her announcement.
  • Silence ensued. Even the sound of a needle falling to the ground would be heard clearly.
  • Besides the dead silence, there was an icy aura surrounding Huo Chen.
  • Madam Xu, who remained silent spoke up, “That's right! Old Madam Huo even hired an expert to get the date!”
  • Bai Yunjin never expected that Grandma Huo would be that direct.
  • She glanced at Huo Chen from the corner of her eyes and saw that the man's expression had darkened.
  • However, there was a wicked smile on his face, “Oh? Really?”
  • He swept his gaze over Bai Yunjin, seemingly calm, and repeated slowly, “Auspicious date.”
  • Snorting coldly, he nodded and reply, “Not bad. Thank you for your concern, grandma.”
  • Bai Yunjin thought Huo Chen had agreed to the wedding. She slowly let out a sigh of relief. But after Huo Chen replied 'Not bad', he went to the sofa and sat down lazily.
  • Glancing at Bai Yunjin, he enjoyed looking at her putting up a calm composure. It seemed interesting to him. The man pretended to be in distress and told Grandma Huo, “But you know me well, grandma. I can't really control myself well. If you hand her to me, I might not be a good and responsible husband to her!”